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Logistic services

Inland Haulage

Alliance Navigation can move your cargo from any domestic location to our port of loading and on to its final destination overseas via our network of professional inland haulers. Whether you need to move one vehicle to port or hundreds of trailers, crates or other rolling stock or break bulk cargoes we can make the necessary inland arrangements on your behalf to meet our sailing. We can also perform this same service for you in most overseas destinations via our global logistics network. We have offices throughout the globe experienced in handling rolling and non rolling cargoes.


Alliance Navigation can provide inspection services at any of our ports of loading and in most discharge ports overseas.  Trained, professional cargo inspectors can inspect, identify and report on your cargoes condition giving you peace of mind that your cargo will be or has been shipped in its intended condition.

Quality inspections can include exterior and interior reporting as well as measurement and cargo weight check.  Reporting can be electronic or hard copy, as required by you.  All electronic reports are noted on the Alliance Navigation web site using standard naming convention and password.  Reporting is posted within 72 hours of the cargoes delivery to port.

Additionally, customized inspections can be arranged subject to pre-notice.


Alliance Navigation can provide space for short term or long term storage at reasonable rates.  Storage facilities are paved, secured and well lit within close proximity to the vessel's berth.  Speak to an Alliance Navigation representative for details.

Ocean Transport Services

Alliance Navigation's specialty is the transport of rolling and non rolling break bulk cargoes to worldwide destinations.  Our staff has extensive experience in the handling of light duty vehicles such as police cars, vans, SUV's and heavy duty vehicles such as bulldozers, cranes, trucks/trailers, boats, buses etc.  Additionally our fleet of mafi trailers is available for non wheeled cargoes such as engines, gen sets, construction material, shelters, crane and earth moving machine parts etc.  Our global network is available to assist exporters and importers with timely and accurate shipment information, processing of documentation, inland haulage and cargo inspection.

Alliance Navigation is the perfect partner to depend upon for safe, efficient and speedy delivery of your cargo to its destination.


Whether you are a first time exporter or have years of experience moving product to overseas markets Alliance Navigation can support your efforts by providing customized documentation services.  From preparation of bills of lading and dock receipts to EDI formatted transmissions we can take the worry out of your shipment.  Speak to an Alliance Navigation representative to find out how we can help you.